Understanding the Statute of Limitations

As we discussed in detail in our last blog post “Do I Have A Claim?“, knowing the statute of
limitations, which is legalese for the word “deadline,” for your case is absolutely
critical. This is because the statute of limitations is usually strictly enforced by the
courts! This is as harsh as justice gets! Simply put, if you miss the deadline for filing
your case, even by a single day, you could be barred from filing suit forever.
When dealing with a serious personal injury case, or any case involving significant
financial damages, missing the deadline for filing a case can be a life changing
mistake that must be avoided at all costs!

You should be aware that the Statute of Limitations is not the same for every case, it
varies based on the type of legal theory that your lawsuit is based on. The most
commonly implicated statute of limitations is the one for “personal injury” which in
New Jersey is two years from the date of the accident or occurrence giving rise to
the claim.

For your information: we have compiled a list of the most commonly implicated
Statutes of Limitations for cases of all varieties.

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