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At the Law Office of Alexander Schachtel, we understand that businesses of all sizes, no matter how large or small, run on contracts for all agreements. From employment contracts to building leases, having a secure contract is vital. It could make a difference down the road, from needing to refer back to contract terms to possibly spending thousands of dollars on litigation. If a contract breach occurs and litigation is required, you will want a business contract attorney to fight for your business.

Legal Contracts — Review, Preparation, & Negotiation

A thoroughly drafted contract can plainly establish the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Although not foolproof, a carefully crafted contract may help prevent any future litigation. Our business contract attorneys aim to accomplish the goals of our clients while covering all known contingencies.

We also negotiate business contracts, on behalf of our clients, in order to incorporate terms that meet their business needs. We protect our client and preserve their interests. If you are offered a contract from another business entity, let a business contract attorney review it. More importantly, if an agreement contains terms that seem unfavorable, they will negotiate for your business.

Common Business Contracts
Nearly every situation has a type of business contract to cover it. The goal is to cover all contingencies in order to limit confusion between parties. Common types of contracts include:

Breach of Contract Lawyer

Fighting for a Remedy in Breach of Contract Cases

A breach of contract takes place when one or both parties fail to fulfill the obligations outlined in a contract without a legal excuse. Business litigation may be necessary as a result of one party being accused of a breach of contract. In such a case, both sides will present evidence, and a judge or jury determine whether the contract was breached or not; and if so, what the damages are.

Common Breach of Contract Lawsuits Include:

Legal Remedies for Contract Disputes

When terms of a contract have been breached, the party not in breach is entitled to certain legal remedies, such as:
Specific Performance

This is an order of a court, which requires a breaching party to perform the contractual duty that was not completed.

Cancellation and Restitution

The non-breaching party can cancel the contract without any legal repercussions and then sue for restitution. The goal of restitution is to bring the non-breaching business back to the state it was in prior to the breach of contract.


This includes financial remuneration to the party not in breach so that the business can return to the same state it was in before the breach. Although very rare, in a case where the court sees a need to punish a breaching party because the violation was unusually egregious, punitive damages may be ordered.

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