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As a pedestrian, you are defenseless to the dangers that surround you. When a pedestrian is struck by a motorcycle, car, or truck, they are likely to suffer severe personal injuries or even death. If reckless behavior and/or negligence by another party caused the accident that injured you or killed a loved one, you deserve just compensation for your losses. But don’t just wait around for the liable party and their insurance company to offer you a reasonable payout because they won’t! Unless you’ve dealt with insurance companies in the past, you may not realize that they’re not as compassionate as their commercials make them out to be. An insurance company is a business, and just like any business, their primary goal is to make a profit.

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You must file a products liability claim within a limited window of time! If you don’t file within the “statute of limitations” you may lose your ability to sue for your injury, forever! So don’t wait! – Get in touch with one of our experienced Hoboken product liability attorneys before it’s too late! For years, the Law Office of Alexander Schachtel has been vigorously pursuing personal injury cases for the people of New Jersey. We stand with you and fight for your right to collect compensation for your injuries and other losses. For a Free Products Liability Case Evaluation, contact us online or call us today at (201) 925-0660.

What Constitutes a ‘Products Liability Claim'?

A ‘products liability claim’ is a lawsuit filed by you as a result of injuries which were caused by a product.New Jersey products liability laws are very Plaintiff-friendly, as in, favorable to you because they impose what’s known as “strict liability” on the product-manufacturer for any harm which was caused to you by a product you used. This means that a crucial element of the case, fault, is presumed in your favor as long as you can show that the product was ‘defective’, which is another legal term related to product liability laws. In New Jersey, a product can be defective as a matter of law in one of four ways:
Design Defect

A product has a “design defect” when the product is too dangerous for use just based on the way it was made. To succeed in a design defect claim, your lawyer will have to prove that something about the way the product was designed makes it unreasonably dangerous, or that a “reasonable alternative design” as in, another way to make the product, exists which could have made the product safer.

Failure to Warn

A product can also be considered “defective” under the New Jersey Products Liability Act if it doesn’t contain adequate safety instructions or warnings which are necessary to alert people of dangerous consequences of certain uses or applications of the product. Just because the product contains a safety warning doesn’t mean the product isn’t defective! A warning must be “adequate” in order to survive a New Jersey Products Liability Claim, meaning that the warning must be carefully worded and specifically illustrate and explain the dangers of certain product applications.

Manufacturing Defect

A product is also “defective” under the New Jersey Products Liability Act if the specific product at issue is defective as manufactured. This is the proverbial bag of chips that fell off the assembly line, where you ended up chewing on something strange as a result.

Breach of Warranty

A product may also be “defective” under the New Jersey Products Liability Act if it does not conform to warranties (as in, product description or a promise made by the seller) and that non-conformity causes you to become injured. Common examples are foods with incorrect labels or ingredients, electronics or vehicles that don’t match product specifications or medications or medical devices with undisclosed negative side effects.

A ‘product’ is a legal term that encompasses a broad category of goods, almost anything that comes to the imagination may fit the expansive legal definition of a “product,” so long as it was purchased or acquired by you from someone else! Common examples of “products” which lead to lawsuits are food and food additives, medications, medical equipment, household goods and specialized safety equipment, mechanical tools or trade goods, even automobiles, boats, airplanes and aircrafts and heavy-duty construction equipment all count as “products” under the law.

Types of Products Liability Claims

The ways in which people get injured are limitless! However, the most common occurrences that result in products liability claims are as follows:

Although these are illustrative examples, in reality, any time you can show that a product was partially or fully responsible for your injuries, you have grounds to file a products liability claim.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get from a Products Liability Claim?

The compensation awarded in a products liability claim will depend on the severity of the injuries you sustained and the specific consequences to your life the injury caused or created.

Typically, damages can be recovered for:

How Long Do I Have to File a Products Liability Lawsuit?

In most states, including New Jersey, you generally have a two-year time limit, knows as a “statute of limitations” to submit a claim to the court. In order to build a strong case and successfully collect damages for your injuries, you need to act fast. It’s strongly recommended that you speak with a Hoboken products liability attorney if you are considering a lawsuit in Hoboken. They will know the first steps to take.

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