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At the Law Office of Alexander Schachtel, a Jersey City Employment Law Attorney will provide legal representation for either employees or employers in all areas of employment related disputes. There is a wide range of issues in the modern-day workplace that may lead to lawsuits. Typical examples are discrimination and sexual harassment, wrongful termination, failure to pay wages and overtime pay, and disputes over contractor/employee status. Whether you a business looking to defend against a claim or you are an employee who has been wronged by a current or former employer, our Jersey City Employment Law Firm will guide you down the right path and assist you in acquiring relief. Our Jersey City employment lawyers have experience bringing litigation when the facts support it, and we understand how to evaluate employment relationships.

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Employment Contracts
As business owners or employer, you may discover that a current or former employee has violated one or more terms in their employment contracts. Common types of employment contract violations include failure to follow the proper workplace practices and standards, actions in violation of non-compete agreements or restrictive covenants, and misuse or misappropriation of corporate intellectual or physical property. Frequently under these circumstances, litigation may be required in order to defend your rights as an employer.
Employee Misconduct
The worst-case scenario for any employer or business owner is getting a phone call from the police, informing you that an investigation has been opened involving allegations that one or more of your employees has committed a crime at the workplace such as harassment, theft, or violence. If your employees have committed any criminal activities within the capacity of their employment, you should get in touch with a Jersey City employer defense attorney to weigh your potential liability.
Restrictive Covenants and Non-Compete Agreements

A typical component of employment contracts in service-related roles is the restrictive covenant or non-compete, which prevents former employees, contractors, or associates from working with competing businesses after termination or separation. A breach of contract may cause substantial damages to your business. In order to discuss the best practices in drafting and enforcing non-compete provisions within an employment contract, contact our lawyers today.

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Minimum Wage Laws

Several State and Federal laws regulate employee compensation in the workplace. Among these regulations are paid leave, and disability protection acts, minimum wage laws, and overtime laws. Both employees and employers should be aware of the latest legislative changes in New Jersey and New York that are set to replace minimum wage laws and increase compensation for low-wage workers over the next several years.

Overtime Pay Laws

State and Federal laws also firmly protect the rights of employees to compensation at a higher rate of pay for any hours worked more than 40 hours per week. While there are several types of workers who are ineligible, or exempt, to obtain “overtime pay” under the law, both employees and employers should carefully monitor the amount of time workers spend on the job in order to guarantee compliance with these legislative requirements.

Family and Medical Leave Laws

State and Federal laws also require mandatory paid leave from employment under specific conditions, such as maternity and paternity, sick leave and disability, and marriage. Under these paid leave acts, an employer is typically required to hold the employee’s job open for them until they return from their leave. Furthermore, these acts prohibit employers from taking retaliatory actions against any employee for taking leave in the first place. If you have decided to take a leave and your employer has taken action against you or has threatened you with termination for requesting a leave, get in touch a Jersey City Employment Law attorney in order to discuss your rights as an employee.

Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

Many non-government employers have the right to terminate employees “at will,” regardless of whether good cause exists. However, employment lawsuits for wrongful termination typically occur when hidden factors influence the reasons for termination. For example, if termination is premised on disparate treatment or discrimination due to the employee’s race, sex, religious or political affiliation, gender, or any other protected class, the employee may have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Whistleblower Claims

Many Federal and State Laws exist in order to protect whistleblowers, people who inform on an organization or person engaged in an illicit activity from retaliatory actions by employers. Furthermore, some statutes go as far as providing monetary rewards to whistleblowers whose information leads to a successful enforcement action. If you believe that you’ve been wrongfully targeted by your employer for reporting misconduct, or have knowledge of legal, regulatory violations, or misconduct in which your employer is involved, Call (201) 925-0660 to get in touch with a Jersey City Employment Law attorney today.

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