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One of the most dangerous occupations for employees in Hoboken and across the United States is construction. Construction workers are responsible for carrying out a number of major projects such as public buildings, businesses, and homes. However, construction workers frequently perform tasks that put their own safety at significant risk. While construction workers surely have a greater chance of serious injury on a worksite, those workers or pedestrians who are near or walking around a worksite can also be at greater risk of a serious injury. If you have suffered an injury at a construction site, contact a Hoboken construction accident lawyer right away in order to protect your legal rights. Despite the fact that construction site safety has been a major focus for both government regulators and companies working on these sites, accidents still occur and they can be life-altering for the construction worker or bypasser involved.

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Each committed Hoboken construction accident lawyer, has years of experience handling cases that involve construction employees being injured on the job. At the Law Office of Alexander Schachtel, we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way with your construction accident claim. Keep in mind; if you or someone you know has been hurt in a construction site accident, you might be entitled to compensation with the assistance of an experienced construction accident attorney. In addition, you may also be eligible to file workers’ compensation claims in an effort to recover compensation for your injuries. It is very important that you have an experienced attorney by your side throughout this situation, especially when there is an additional third-party liability claim involved.

Common Construction Site Accidents in Hoboken, NJ

Those who work within the construction industry are exposed to the risk of injury every day they are on the job. However, accidents can also involve a passerby who was not adequately warned of the dangers of a construction site. For example, a passerby could be struck on the head with equipment that has fallen from above. Listed below are a few common causes of injuries on construction sites that could ultimately lead to a construction accident claim:
Fall Injuries

Falling from heights is a common cause of severe injury and can be fatal. If a victim survives the initial accident, they may suffer from permanent and severe injuries like broken bones, head injuries, internal organ damage, and paralysis.

Machinery Accidents

Machines, tools, and vehicles on a construction site always have a chance of malfunctioning, which may lead to severe injury for both the operator and bystanders. Such an accident could lead to injuries like shrapnel wounds, crushed limbs, and even death.


Nearly every construction project that takes place in proximity to electrical wiring runs the risk of an electrocution. Working with cranes and operating equipment near overhead wires and machinery can all increase the probability of an electrocution accident.

Vehicle Accidents

When vehicles on a construction site are involved in a crash or malfunction, operators of the vehicle and pedestrians may be seriously injured.

Toxic Substance Exposure

Construction workers have a greater risk of being exposed to dangerous materials like smoke, chemical agents, and asbestos, all of which can lead to serious illnesses and injuries.

Specific Injuries from Construction Site Accidents

Some common forms of injury sustained by construction workers in Hoboken are:

Whether it is through litigation of a personal injury claim or negotiations outside of the courtroom, you will want someone to fight for your best interests.

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When you are dealing with the life-altering results of an accident, it can begin to feel like your life is spiraling out of control. However, one of the few things you can control is whether you file a personal injury claim or not. Oftentimes, this is the only way for you to recover compensation after a serious construction accident. Even though construction is a dangerous occupation, you still have rights if the accident was caused by another person’s or party’s negligence.